is a collaboration of Artists, Sociologists, Environmentalist, Architects, Engineers, and planners. From conception to creation, 21CD follow a rational multi talent approach utilizing the latest technology and innovation in design and construction to complete a projects; on time within budget to the satisfaction of the clients. Our principal experiences unite both local and overseas talents in respective fields. We have office both in Bangladesh and USA. Since 2005, 21CD has designed and construction planned many projects. A sample of which you can surf in our site. Notable ongoing projects to mention are Feni Garden City, 500,000 sft 18 story commercial and residential development, Paltan China Town, 400,000 sft 22 story commercial and office development, and Mumtaz Health Care Academy, 300,000 sft 12 Story Hospital and medical building in Narayangonj. 21CD introduced alternative design and construction techniques in Bangladesh, like Shore pile free, top down design and Construction of substructures. All 21CD projects designed and build to be earth quack proof utilizing an approach different from conventional Bangladesh approach. 21CD will introduce light slab design and construction method in Bangladesh saving cost of construction. In general, 21CD design and construction methods saved cost and time, minimizing social and environmental impact in project development. We are committed to provide our clients satisfactory solutions to their aspiration, not just ours. It is a joint development where client’s desire meets our design, where clients budget meet our technique, where clients time meet our construction plan. Our services include development of residential, Commercial, retail, office, hotel, cultural, education, sports, medical buildings, and innovative new look urban design. We are proud to say that our average team member’s age is around 30, with the exception of few senior professionals.